Wednesday, 18 June 2014

50 rules for Doms

I found this online and really liked it, so i am reposting here, if anyone knows of the original author i am more than happy to post correct attribution

50 rules for Doms

1. Attention: give it to her daily, even if it's just a quick "thinking of you"

2. Be her first: regardless of how experienced she is, be her first in some (positive) way

3. Commit: poly or not, if you’re her Daddy, be her Daddy and see it as an honour and responsibility 

4. Discipline her when necessary, not too much but not too little, and never be lazy about it or see it as a chore

5. Enjoy her silly, funny, or cute side. She may grow out of it or you may miss it

6. Finger her the way only you can

7. Give her a reason for (or avoid) rules that confuse her

8. Grab her suddenly for a passionate kiss often

9. Help her accomplish things important to her

10. Hold her tight as much as you can

11. Imagine your life without her. If it makes you hurt, sad, or angry then don’t take her for granted. 

12. Just love her the best you can 

13. Know her middle name and birthday, its important

14. Keep those stinky bad boys away

15. Listen to her. We get you know things, but once a week open your mind and just listen, no judgement

16. Lick her, let her show you where and tell you how. Nipples, neck, clit, anywhere…

17. Love her hard. She’ll do the same for you

18. Let her undress you 19. Massage her back when she cries

20. Maintain control even when she’s being very bratty or disrespectful. Put her in her place and carry on with the day

21. NEVER put her down, regardless of how hurt you are. She’ll remember it forever. Like really FOREVER

22. Offer advice about anything she needs help with

23. Outline your expectations. It doesn't have to be on paper but make them clear, she’s less likely to let you down

24. Push her limits like only you can

25. Power is precious. Handle it as such

26. Protect her… From herself, negativity, bad influences, and especially bumble bees and various other creepy-crawlies.

27. Prepare her. If a time comes for her to do something specific and important don’t just spring it on her. Do little things to get her ready, even if you haven’t told her

28. Snuggle her

29. Sit her on your lap and tell her about your day. Then let her have a turn

30. Sing to her, even if you’re horrible at it. Likely it will remind her of how special she is to you

31. Steer away from comparing her… She’s your unique and special girl, never make her question that

32. Spoil her: letters, juice, stuffies, and most of all kisses, hugs, and cock

33. Spank her… You pick the purpose, be it a reward, sadism, or punishment, soft or hard, but just spank her. Often

34. Squeeze her sexy tits or suck them or spank them or torture them. Just remember she has them and they need attention

35. Shower or bathe with her. It's so nice

36. Swallow every compliment, she means it

37. Show her love in her love language, not yours. If she sees love as affection, but you see love as gifts, give that girl affection and call that your gift

38. Stand tall even if you aren't, head held high and walking strong

39. Try new things whenever you get the chance

40. Take her places she likes - your backyard via Skype or build-a-bear or the zoo or even window shopping at the mall. She’ll always remember it

41. Take your time: when being frisky, do as you wish but let's not rip anything unless it's your fetish

42. Trust her. What girl wants to hurt her daddy or let him down

43. Tuck her in. I don’t care if you do really live in antartica, call that girl at her bedtime not yours and tell her night night and make sure she’s in bed. It’ll help her rest better

44. Taste her food to make sure its yummy

45. Under her skirt is one of your most precious domains make sure she knows it and keep it happy

46. Visualize new positions then try them

47. Voice your displeasure in a loving firm way

48. Wake her gently with a call or a kiss

49. Wipe her tears, especially if you caused them

50. Watch as she grows and all your effort, hard work and patience pays off

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