Monday, 15 August 2016

Dominance and Submission

In life I am strong, independent, resourceful and powerful. I am these things because I need to be, not because I want to be. 

Even though I am all these things, it is not who I am inside, the secret me, the one I let know one see. 

You see deep down if I am truly honest, I yearn for a Man with a greater force than my own. Someone I have no option nor desire other than to yield to Him, to have him break me and remake me and know that I am safe in His hands.

I NEED to be in awe of a strong, calm and truly Dominant man, especially one who is both a gentle and feral man, a man who doesn't bow to the rules of society or others, a man who is able and confident, arrogant even in his abilities and character.

I am in NEED of a man, who acts with calm and control, yet who is able and not afraid to lose control, a man not afraid to be a man, to protect and guide and take what is HIS

A man who will provide structure and rules, praise and punishment, without crushing the spirit of this wild woman within, without being a bully or cruelty itself.

I need a man unafraid of my tears, emotions and passions, who is fired by my mind as much as my body, who laughs when I am cute and lets me know when I have crossed the line, who is kind and firm, loving and exacting.

I need a Man who like his cock is like velvet over steel

In return what do I offer such a man

I offer Him my service, love, worship and devotion,
I offer Him my obedience, trust and respect.
I offer everything I am.

I will lay my body, mind and spirit in His hands, for His use and pleasure.

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