Thursday, 22 September 2016

Brat !!

I am experiencing something I haven't had since being a child... My brat ! 

So far i am getting myself all up in trouble for emojis in my texts to Sir such as 🙄😡😒😬

Last night, after a really well behaved day (if I say so myself ..... even Sir said I was good) I had a task of wrapping elastic bands around my left tit ! 

I had already been in trouble for not buying them when I was told, the day before.

So I bought elastic bands and new wooden spoons from Wilkos in Derby before I made my way to my friends for an underwater shoot that actually was a LOT of fun.

I was curious to how this would feel. I have never had any form of breast bondage, and was very open to try it... Well not all went to plan ...

For one the elastic bands are shit 😳🙄 they kept snapping while I was trying to get them over my boob, I had managed to get 8 on my right boob and it looked a bit like the pic Sir sent me so I was quite happy..... Then Sir informed me it was left boob tonight and right boob tomorrow 😡🙄 so I took them off ... And tried to do the same with my left boob!! 

Not happening so.... While Sir is happily counting down the time, I am becoming more and more perturbed and vexatious with these shite bands and my clear inability to complete this task 

Admittedly Sir gave me a way out ... Would I take it NOPE !!

So over the space of 30 minutes I managed to work myself up to 35 whacks with my oh so new wooden spoon or I had to bite the bullet, Sir even drafted the text to my friend K !!

And still I was being stubborn making my attitude evident with all the 😡😳😁😱😜🙄 emojis 

Finally I text K with the drafted message from Sir which led to a pretty hilarious exchange with my friend K who obvious would love to see me even more trouble the bitch 😂😂😂

Part of me was being playful, the other fearful and just a lil bit stubborn and pouty 

I should have just trusted Him and sent the fucking text but oh no ... Why did I have to make it SO difficult 

Apparently it's because I "need" the punishment... He must be right (He is "always" right) since my pussy is always wet 😱

I felt awful when Sir made me cum, I said I didn't want to, that I felt I didn't deserve it.... His reply had me so wet and ready I came hard and quick, which obviously made me feel a right slut ! 

But he says He loves me for it ... I am His slut and I won't make the same mistakes again by questioning His feelings for me 😔 

My pussy and ass wouldn't take the punishment ...

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