Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Story - Caught...

This is another story about a fantasy i had the other night while playing with my horny self....

For Sft ;)

Caught …...

It was one of those rare days where both Hope and Lola were alone, their Master was out on some errand or another, leaving them to get on, do their chores and enjoy what was left of the weekend.

The sun was high and after a light meal, with some wine, the conversation had turned very flirty and some hot and filthy conversation was shared by the two poly sisters.  

A few times, Hope had brushed over her leg with her hand, or touched her face.  Each time lightening shot through Lola’s body, a warmth flooding through her to her core. She didn't consider herself bisexual, but there was something about Hope that caused electricity to surge through her.  She had fantasies but had never acted on them, yet she trusted Hope and felt that she was safe with her.

Lola was about to pour another drink when she sighed and decided against it...the lustful, horny feelings she was experiencing were most likely down to the small amount of alcohol she had been consuming in the heat and sun and maybe this was her body’s way of telling her to stop.

Hope had gone to take a call leaving Lola alone with her decidedly kinky thoughts.  She held her breath in anticipation as she heard footsteps approaching the lounge door. She chose to stand by the sofa for some safety. Looking out into the garden, watching the leaves on the tree dance and flutter in the soft gentle breeze.

"So... “ Hope said, softly, breaking Lola’s train of thought and making her jump slightly.  “Are we going to stop messing about and do something about how we feel and what we desire Lola?"   Her friend said to her with a smile and softness in her eyes, as she crossed the room to stand behind her.

Lola closed her eyes and tears welled up, she so desperately wanted to admit to her feelings, her desires and her fantasies, but she felt so afraid and more than a little confused.

She took a deep breath and sighed "Yes but I am scared Hope, really scared”.

Hope moved closer, and lifted her hair, kissing her neck, her hot breath rushing across Lola’s skin, making her shiver with excitement and anticipation. Her womb clenching, and a fresh wave of moisture flooding her sex.

“You don't need to be scared, I can lead you, I can show you, let me…”

“Oh God, Hope” Lola moaned breathless as Hope began to lift her skirt and kiss her neck, lightly, nipping and she went.

Lola held her breath as Hope leaned into her causing her to bend  slightly, Hope slid her hand down and across the round cheeks of Lola’s bottom, softly yet determinedly, pushing her legs open enough for her hand to find her sex, her fingers discovering the moisture, Lola’s body betraying her nerves.  “You dirty girl” Hope giggled in Lola’s ear.  “You want me as bad as I want you don’t you” she said as she fingered Lola’s hot and wet pussy, sliding her fingers through her wet folds.  Lola was shocked to find she was so close already, “Oh yes” she breathed harshly, her breaths coming raggedly and her hips grinding against Hopes fingers, Hope’s thumb rubbing her clit in smooth and deliberate circles.

“Bend over Lola, now!” Hope said firmly as she pushed Lola over the sofa gently, Lola obeyed and leaned over the sofa, her hands resting on the seat cushions.  

Hope, groaned at the feel of Lola’s tight wet pussy, slowly pushing inside her with two fingers, Lola gasped with pleasure, feeling the lust for Hope running through her, she mewled as Hope moved them rhythmically in and out of her wanton core.

Hope withdrew her fingers and moaned shamelessly as she licked her essence from them, the taste of Lola almost her undoing.  “Stay”, she said just as breathlessly “just stay like that, I need to taste you” Hope growled in Lola’s ear, almost feral.

Hope knelt behind Lola, parting her plump round ass cheeks with eager hands.  “I want to see you, show me your pussy girl”

Lola blushed and bent over the sofa a bit more, and gasped as Hope made one long, soft lick from the top of her shaven, smooth pussy, to the opening of her sex, inserting her tongue before licking her again with firmer strokes, circling her clit, driving her wild, her hips bucking involuntarily grinding her pussy against Hope’s mouth, squirming as Hope’s expert tongue and fingers toyed and played with her.  Her pussy clenched as a dull throb started in her womb and her body ignited.  Clutching the sofa cushions with her hands, she gasped as she fell over the edge, crying out as she came loud and hard.

The door shut loudly making the two women freeze.  “Oh MY dear girls, is THIS what happens when I leave you for the afternoon?”

Lola felt Hope stiffen at the sound of His voice, and she blushed, trying to straighten.

“Stay !” He ordered, I want to watch my filthy sluts enjoy themselves, He said as He pulled Hope up gently but firmly by the hair, giving Lola’s ass a firm hard spank at the same time.  She gasped at the sharp smack to her behind, not daring to move, she was locked in position as He rubbed her pussy with His hand, “Hmmm you are dripping Lola, who’d have thought you were such a dirty girl, did you enjoy Hope, licking your pussy, making you come?”

“Yes Sir” she admittedly shyly, her words coming out in a breathless murmur. She was afraid, she was very afraid, for Hope and for herself, what would Master do?

“I am going to teach you both, that ONLY with my permission do you play without me, with each other, with ANYONE” Master spoke firmly, calmly, but His ire was palpable.  “I think you both need reminding who you belong to” He growled angrily.

Master led both of them around the sofa and ordered them to kneel, while He unbuckled His belt, Lola shivered at the sound, a new wave of moisture flooding her core.  She loved that sound, the leather riding through the loops of His trousers and the clunking of the buckle.  She looked at Hope next to her on her knees, head bowed.  Would He punish them with His belt, the thought both scared her and thrilled her.

Tears welled in her eyes, for Hope and for herself, they had acted without His permission, for their own pleasure, not for His, as was their place.  They had displeased their Master and she felt so sad that they had, yet so happy she and Hope had finally crossed that line and shared their feelings of lust and affection.  

Hope and Lola listened with heads bowed as Master unzipped his trousers and released His hard, raging cock.  

“Master, please it was me who pushed Lola”, Hope said urgently, beseeching Him for mercy.

“Oh I know my pet, I know you, you are mine, you are a filthy fuck doll and what you have both done  is what you wanted and yet what I desire, BUT, you have forgotten who you are and more importantly you have both forgotten who I AM” Master said stroking his fingers along the length of his cock.

He stood in front of both his sluts, looking down with dark, stern eyes. Leaning over to wrap his hands in their long hair, he pulled them both towards Him, towards His now hard, angry and glistening erection.  

Their mouths so close to his manhood, their mouths watering, they both looked up at Him with pleading eyes.

“Please Master” Hope said

He looked at Lola and raised an eyebrow at her waiting…

“Please Master” she said breathlessly

He nodded and pulled them closer, until their mouths were either side of his cock and then began to lick up and down his long hard shaft.  “That's it you greedy girls, you know what your mouth is for,”  He growled, “You need to realise that not only do your cunts belong to me, every part of you belongs to me, including and especially your mouths, now suck!”

They devoured Him, so full of lust and heat, so eager to pleasure Him, to serve Him and hopefully shake His displeasure of them.  

Hope and Lola were totally enraptured in their worship of their Masters cock, they licked up and down his shaft, taking it in turns sucking his swollen tip, their lips and tongues touching as they loved every inch of Him, at times, almost kissing.

Master held their hair, and pulled them off Himself, “Kiss” He said firmly, “I want you to kiss each other”.  Lola gulped and looked at Him, again He raised His eyebrow, His Dominance and determination evident.

Hope didn’t hesitate and pulled Lola in for a kiss.  It was heated and full of passion as she slipped her tongue past Lola’s lips.  Lola’s mouth opened and she slipped her tongue across Hope’s bottom lip.  “Yes that’s it” Master growled as they were washed away in a tidal wave of passion and lust. Master threaded his fingers through Hope’s soft blonde hair, and Lola’s black curls as their bodies pressed closer.

Master watched as His girls, became lost in pleasure, totally absorbed in the very kiss He had ordered.  His cock was hard and throbbing and He was becoming lost in lust for His slaves.

“Stop”, He said as He pulled His girls to their feet.  “I need to fuck you” He said as He looked into Hope’s eyes.  Kissing her hard on the mouth.

Hope was lost in her Master's kiss, Lola looking on as He almost devoured her, she never got tired of watching Him bring her sister to submission.  She gasped as He bent Hope over and rammed home, long hard strokes, while pulling Hopes head back with her hair.

“Kiss her” He growled at Lola, while slowing the pace down, driving Himself in and out of Hope’s tight wet cunt.  Lola knelt before her sister and kissed her, while Master fucked her with long hard strokes.

Lola’s tongue was driving into Hope’s mouth, mirroring Master's actions. “Are you wet my pet?” Master asked Lola gently, with a lustful smile.  “Yes Master I am” Lola whispered breathlessly as she nipped Hope’s bottom lip.  

“Show me” Master said, “Display your pussy for your sister and your Master to see” Lost in lust and
submission Lola laid back on the sofa and opened her legs, she ran her hands along her thighs and up to her shaven pussy, she opened wider, the lips of her soaking cunt spread for them both to see.

“Master” Hope cried, so obviously close the edge, the need in her evident in her plea.

“Don’t you DARE come, my slut. Don't you dare” Master growled.

He motioned Hope over so her face was so close to Lola’s mound, she could smell her sisters need.  She looked into Lola’s eyes, both of them lost in lust and subspace.

“Stroke Lola’s pussy,, she would like that wouldn’t you my filthy girl” He asked.  Lola blushed and gasped, “Yes Master I would if it pleases You”.  Hope rubbed her fingers in Lola’s hot wet sex, circling her clit.

“I want you to lick your sister Lola” Master ordered.  “Lay under her and lick her while I fuck her” He instructed.

Lola turned and laid back her head hanging slightly off the sofa, and Master pushed Hope over her while He pushed His hard cock deep inside her forcing her forward over Lola, so her pussy was just at the right place.  Lola looked at her Master, He smiled and nodded His head with a dark and lust filled look.

A soft mewling noise escaped Lola’s lips, the first taste of Hope on her tongue was almost her
undoing. Her sister was dripping and tasted so good, honey flowed as she licked up and down Hopes wet folds as Master pounding into her, her tongue danced on Hope’s clit, in long circular motions, her whole body aching for release. "That is it. Just like that MY dirty slut, you like your sisters taste I can tell, just as she liked yours.”

Master put His hand between Lola’s legs and pushed them apart, “Show me” He growled, Lola obeyed opening her legs wide for her Masters inspection.  “You are wet my slut, does MY cunt need some attention too?”

Lola moaned her plea as she continued to lick her sisters cunt, lapping at her honey from the bottom of her pussy, along Master’s cock, up and around her clit, she gasped as Master inserted two fingers inside her, finger fucking her hard, “Master” she begged, as she nearly fell over the edge. “No, my pets not yet, don't you dare come either of you, do you hear me?”

Master fucked them hard, his cock in one and his fingers in another, slapping them both hard on the ass and inner thighs, with His belt,   “Who do you belong to, my sluts, whose cunts are these!” He asked them hard as He slapped them with His belt again harder.

Hope and Lola both cried out almost in unison “Yours Master, these are Your cunts, they belong to You”

He spoke calmly but fully in His authority “Don’t you EVER forget it again!” He growled as He picked up the pace, fucking them hard and rough with his cock and his fingers.

“No Master” they both cried, tears flowing from their eyes and sobs coming from their throats

“Good girls, come for me now, come for me” He growled as they both fell over the edge and cried out in ecstasy, both of them milking His fingers and cock while gasping “Thank you Master” as He filled one of those cunts He owned with His hot, thick seed.


  1. That was erotic hot....

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  2. Thank you for your feedback 1ManView, I am glad you liked it x