Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Essay Assignment - The Art of Fellatio

The Art Of Fellatio

"Great sex will get your car note paid, but great head will get you a house."

Fellatio, head, blowjob and in tantra it is called “honouring the lingham” There are many names for the act that most men LOVE., It is apparently one of mens favourite “things”,  I have had a lot of quite frank conversations with some of my friends regarding this essay and I was surprised at how the responses, all had done it, some still did, most did it begrudingly, a few liked doing it but not the swallowing part and only me and one other said they enjoyed everything about it.

There is something about the act of fellatio, that allows a man to express his masculinity and dominance. and personally i believe that giving to a man by licking and sucking his cock to orgasm, is one of the most powerful ways we give not simply physical pleasure but psychological pleasure too as its also a sign of our acceptance of and submission of and to the receiver.

Giving a blowjob offers us the opportunity for a whole new level of pleasure, and should not be looked upon as a chore, it should be a pleasurable experience for both those involved.  

It helps to have lots of saliva, to lick the shaft up and down, to flick the tongue over the sensitive frenulum and to get it all wet and messy.  

I love to form the “O” shape with the mouth, as i take the penis into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip while stroking the shaft with my hands, synchornising with my mouth, while maybe massaging the sensitive balls softly at the same time, giving a very gentle squeeze and stroking the prostate area while sucking and licking seems to give some men a lot of pleasure.

It is important to pay attention to the whole cock, not just the head. using the tongue as well as suction from the mouth. Just as good is to alternate speed when, focusing the mouth on the head, and over the rim of the penis.  Some like tight suction and others not so, some like it slow and others prefer fast, nearly all like it messy and noisy, and anything else which shows them the giver is getting as much plkeasrure as they are.

Another deeply arousing thing for me, nevermind the man is to look into his eyes, to see his reactions, feel his cock twitching, hear him talk dirty or just moan and growl, is amazing, to have a man hold on for dear life, and grip your hair while urging you further is very hot.

Taking the cock deep into the mouth and past the point of gagging, seems to be good for lots of men, not all time just sometimes.

A powerful sign of acceptance is showing the man that him coming in your mouth is your top priority, and to swallow his cum seems to mean a lot to many men and some women too, it is important to remember that when he does start to come not to stop and  suck until he's completely drained..

And always swallow with a smile. :)

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