Monday, 15 August 2016

Story - For Master's Pleasure

For Master’s Pleasure

Slowly she brushed her long black hair, mentally preparing herself for the meeting today as well as checking her appearance, in the her long black dress and knee high boots, cute, not sexy, but at forty-one years old, those days were long gone.

collecting her things, as her instructions, the wooden spoon, blindfold, lube, butt plug and dildo, this was relatively new although Master had prepared her for it, during their last play session and taking one last glance at her bedroom, the unmade bed, makeup strewn over the dresser and clothes scattered here and there, she smiled as she wondered to herself what He had planned for her today, as she remembered their last meeting together.

Creeping downstairs so not to wake the kids up, almost giggling at the absurdity of it, she closed the door quietly behind her, as she walked towards their meeting place.  Before long she heard the familiar sound of His car, she turned and smiled as she opened the door

Once in the car, she turned to Him as He reached up, His hand gently touching her face, “Morning My pet”  she turned and looked at Him and was rewarded with a warm and sexy smile, “Good Morning Master” she replied.  she slipped her boots off, and lifted her legs up on the chair as she has been trained.  “This is Your cunt Master, for Your pleasure alone”.  

Master’s hands stroking and scratched up her legs and along the outside of her sex, getting her so wet and ready, and frustrated too.  He pulled over and kissed her,  “before We get to O/our destination, I want your blindfold on My pet, and i want your wrists tied.

she looked at Him a little unsure “Master?” she asked with a shaky voice.
“Shh” He cajoled, “MY pet, my treasured slave, trust Me”, He said tipping her head up with His hand softly on her chin.

“Yes Master” she replied, she felt herself relax, closing her eyes.

“Your blindfold My slut” He spoke breaking her spell, just enough to allow her to reach into her bag for her blindfold, to hand it to her Master for Him to tie behind her head. her body trembling in anticipation of what was to come.

“Your wrists My pet”

she raised her left hand and she felt the familiar red cord being wrapped around her wrist, she offered her right wrist and He bound that too, she felt that familiar little chill dance through her body and she shivered.

The car started and pulled off. It seemed like after a long time, although she couldn't be sure, since the blindfold as well as her deepening submissive state, was playing tricks with her sense of time, at first she tried to peek beneath the blindfold, but soon gave up as she slowly relaxed and listened as her hearing became more acute, she became slowly aware of sounds around her, traffic, the indicators, and every now and again her Masters hands would ground her.

After what seemed like a long time, the car came to a gentle stop and Master told her to wait there. She heard a door open and the gentle movement of the car as her Master got out and closed the door. Her door opened and she was beckoned out by her Master.

As they walked slowly Master leading her gently, He explained that today was a special day, and that much would be required of her, but that He had much faith that she would do well.

Her mind was racing, what did He mean?

“Come” He said, leading her by her tied together hands, she heard a door opening and following where she was led.

She knew she was being led into a building and a room of some kind but of what kind she had no idea, she heard a door opening and closing and footsteps. Suddenly panic hit her, blooming inside, suddenly she couldn’t breathe, her mind began racing a mass of jumbled half-thoughts.

“Shh”, she heard her Master in her ear as He stroked her hair and kissed her cheek, taking her hair in His hands and pulling her head back “shh” He said again kissing her hard on the mouth, she calmed a little, as she felt something soft behind her knees, she fell back and ended up sitting on what she knew was a bed, “lay back” without hesitation she laid back.

“Legs up” Master softly ordered, she complied, she felt His hand warm and soft on her legs, stroking up and down, as He kisses her she feels the bed dip again and she knew another person had joined them on the bed.

She didn't know what to think or say, “relax” she heard her Master say as He kissed her, biting and nipping along the length of her neck and lips and all the time His other hand stroking her into a trance, she felt a second hand on her other leg, she flinched, to again be told to calm and relax as she was being explored, she concentrated on her Masters touch, allowing it to lull her into a deep sense of security, His fingers exploring her sex, making her breathless, her mind racing until she felt herself tipping, “Master please?”
“Yes my pet you can come” she heard Him say as she fell over the edge

As she came slowly back to herself, she was being being lifted up to stand, “come My pet” Master says as He leads her away from the bed.  “Come kneel”

She slowly kneels, before being pushed to all fours, her Masters hand on her back, stroking her along her back, across her round backside and down her thighs, parting them gently, all the time talking her through it, somewhere in the background she isn't sure if she can hear others, was that a camera, what she does hold on to is her Masters voice and touch.  His fingers exploring her, driving her, she feels the cold and hard feeling of the dildo being pushed against her entrance until it was covered in her wetness, before being pushed inside of her, sliding in and out building up until she was begging for release, before being granted permission once more.
Slowly she returned to the kneeling position, “Now My pet, I want you to suck”, as the cord is removed from her hands, and the blindfold removed from her eyes.  looking up she sees not her Master but another man, and again the panic and bile rise from her throat, “shhh My pet, My good girl, it is for My pleasure.”

With tears rolling down her cheeks, she closes her eyes and does as she is bid, taking the cock of the man to her lips and mouth, not for herself or for the man, either, but for her Master’s pleasure.

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