Wednesday, 17 August 2016

What I would give ...

I always have had to be strong, feminine but strong, and it tires me at times, I can get very anxious, I hide it well, but it comes on me like an express train, one minute I am calm the next I am panicking and cant breathe, pains in my chest and my eyes wide.  What I would give for someone to lean on that was stronger than I, more able than I and wiser than I.

Life as a single parent, can be tough, It has made me hard and cynical even, often the bitch rises in me, the lioness ready to roar.  What I would give for a Lion of a man.

Being intelligent can mean I am confident and independent in thoughts and word.  I can have a sharp tongue, and can be very willful and if I am honest a bit bratty (I have not until recently considered myself a brat, but on honest reflection I can see I am at times.  What I would give to have that brat tamed.

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